2016-12-27 04:05 am


intellectual pursuit,
connections of love
and healthy pleasure
2016-12-26 05:17 am

One to One

Almost all people are lonely.
Definitely all people do not understand each other.

Assuming things is a misunderstanding, but assuming misunderstandings? That helps infinitely to get just a little closer to understanding (and further from ignorance, unreasonability).
Loneliness is less important, really. Still clearly, peple should just reach out to each other..! No matter what.
Then they could maybe create feelings that are not this.

Ultimate loneliness is almost synonymous with dying, because it is more simultaneous.
There are also cases when you are almost never misunderstood or lonely for the period - a most genuine friendship. With shared conditions. ...Because with intelligence, affinity and common life, understanding someone to a valuable point is possible: the extent of occassional mind reading, among other things.

Even though people are just people! ...